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Process of expanding vermiculite

  Vermiculite is a layered structure of magnesium-containing hydroaluminosilicate secondary metamorphic minerals. It is mica-like outside the ore. It is usually formed by hydrothermal alteration or weathering of black (gold) mica due to its heat loss. It is deflected when it is inflated, and its shape resembles that of leeches.

  The expanded vermiculite is a scaly and scaly or monoclinic pseudo-crystal, the scales overlap, and 1 million pieces can be stacked in a thickness of 0.54 cm; the color is golden, brown, brownish green, dark green, black and mottled; density 2.2-2.8 g/cm3, hardness 1-1.5, loose density 1.1-1.2 g/cm3, melting point 1320-1350 ° C, compressive strength 100-150 MPa.

  The vermiculite is calcined at 800-1000 ° C, and the volume can be rapidly increased by 8-15 times, ** up to 30 times. The color changes to golden or silver, creating a loosely-expanded vermiculite. Expanded vermiculite has good performance of heat-resistant insulation, cold preservation, anti-freezing and sound insulation. The capacity is 90-145kg/m3, the thermal conductivity is 0.047-0.081W/(mK), the refractoriness is 1303-1350°C, and the sound frequency is 512Hz. The sound coefficient is 0.53-0.63. Under the environment of relative humidity 95%-***, the moisture absorption is 1.1% after 24h, and the water absorption rate is 265% after soaking in water for 1h. The volume water absorption rate is 40.6%. The roasting point is 1370-1400 ° C, tasteless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, antibacterial, but not acid resistant, dielectric properties are also poor. Specific heat capacity / J. (kg.K)-1 0.157 Product specifications: 1-3MM diamond, 2-4MM diamond, 4-8MM diamond, 8-12MM diamond, 10 mesh meteorite, 20 mesh meteorite, 40 Mesh, 60 mesh meteorites, 80 mesh meteorites, 100 mesh meteorites, 120 mesh meteorites, 200 mesh meteorites, 325 mesh meteorites, 400 mesh meteorites, 500 mesh meteorites, 600 mesh meteorites, 800 Mesh stone, 1250 mesh meteorite.


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