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Expanded vermiculite use

  1. for thermal insulation

  Expanded vermiculite is porous, light in weight and high in melting point. * Suitable for high temperature insulation materials (below 1000 ° C) and fireproof insulation materials. After 15 cm thick cement gangue was burned for 4-5 hours at 1000 °C, the back temperature was only about 40 °C. The seven-centimeter thick slate is fired at a high temperature of 3000 °C for five minutes, and the front side is melted, and the back is still hot. So it exceeds all insulation materials. Such as asbestos, diatomite products.

  Vermiculite can be used for high temperature facility insulation materials, such as insulation bricks, insulation boards, and insulation caps in the smelting industry. Any equipment that needs thermal insulation can be insulated with vermiculite powder, cement vermiculite products (aragonite brick, slate, vermiculite, etc.) or asphalt vermiculite products. Such as walls, roofs, cold storage, boilers, steam pipes, liquid pipes, water towers, shift furnaces, heat exchangers, dangerous goods storage, etc.

  2. for sound insulation

  Due to the formation of a fine air gap layer after the vermiculite expansion, a porous sound-insulating material is formed. When the frequency is 2000 C/S, the sound absorption rate is 63% when the vermiculite thickness is 5 mm, and the sound absorption rate is 84% when the vermiculite thickness is 6 mm. When the stone thickness is 8mm, the sound absorption rate is 90%.

  3. for anti-radiation facilities

  The meteorite can absorb radiation, and the installation of the slate in the test room can replace the high-priced lead plate to absorb scattered rays up to 90%, and the vermiculite thickness of 65mm is equivalent to 1mm lead plate.

  4. for plant cultivation

  Because the vermiculite powder has good water absorption, gas permeability, adsorption, looseness, non-compression and other properties, and it is sterile and non-toxic after high temperature cultivation roasting, it is beneficial to the rooting and growth of plants. It can be used for the cultivation of precious flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, grapes, seedlings, cuttings, etc. It can also be used to make flower fertilizer and nutrient soil.

  5. Manufacturing and manufacturing of chemical coatings

  Vermiculite has anti-acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and has anti-corrosion effect on sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, 5% or less ammonia water and sodium carbonate below 5%. Because of its light weight, looseness, smoothness, large diameter-to-thickness ratio, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, etc., it can also be used as a filler in the manufacture of coatings (fire retardant coatings, hail coatings, waterproof coatings) to prevent coatings. Precipitate and send product performance.

  6. for friction materials

  Expanded vermiculite has the characteristics of sheet and heat insulation. It can be used for friction materials and brake materials, and has excellent performance, non-toxic and harmless, and is environmentally friendly. It is a new environmentally friendly material.

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