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● Enterprise tenet: relying on advanced technology and joint superiority enterprises to establish a modernized work system with superior quality, first-class management, advanced technology and perfect service.

● Strategic objectives: Science and technology Huixin, civilized quarrying. Establish a great goal, revitalize the hometown as the responsibility, use modern scientific civilization to change the original mineral mining, and promote the transformation of production from extensive to intensive.

● Management policy: Establish a modern enterprise management mechanism with clear responsibilities, strict management, and combination of incentives and constraints. Pragmatic development, the pursuit of effectiveness.

● Entrepreneurial spirit: pragmatic and effective, hard work and dedication, pioneering and enterprising, respect for knowledge, mutual respect and mutual assistance, and common development.

● Employing principle: based on work performance, quality, as the wind; inspecting in work, giving time and focusing on reality; having a sense of professionalism and responsibility; doing things with a good reputation and fighting for progress; we must work together and have cohesiveness.

● Employee Code: Compliance with professional ethics, edifying sentiment, perfecting personality; keeping secrets, honesty and self-discipline, loyalty, dedication, hard work, unity and assistance, fair competition; paying attention to instrument and courtesy; maintaining company interests and image And reputation.


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