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  Lingshou Huixin Mining and Processing Factory is a professional manufacturer of geological and mineral processing. Our factory is located in Wansi Temple Industrial Zone, Yanchuan Township, Lingshou County, Hebei Province. It has a sales office in Shijiazhuang City. It is specially responsible for the business of geological and mineral products in domestic and overseas markets.


  After years of operation, our unit has realized the integration of technology development, production and sales. Talents echelon construction has been formed. The existing technology and management personnel are trained by higher education. In the mining industry, they are one of the few manufacturers that paid attention to technology research and development and scientific management earlier.


  Our main products include calcium powder, heavy calcium powder, light calcium powder, nanometer calcium powder, talc powder, quartz sand, quartz powder, natural color sand, dyed color sand, mica, mica powder, vermiculite, vermiculite powder, vermiculite slab, natural rock sheet, composite rock sheet, cobble, colorful stone, WATERGRASS sand, color stone, glass sand, tourmaline. Maifanshi, diamond, volcanic stone, walnut shell.


  At present, Huixin brand series products produced by our company are exported to Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other major provinces and cities, and exported to Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.


  Since its establishment, our factory has made tremendous progress in recent years, adhering to the tenet of high quality, low price and good service. As our unit expands its business, we hope to get to know people of insight all over the world and work hand in hand.


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